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Conservation Programs

Keep your home or business energy efficient and save money.

OTEC’s Energy Services team in on a mission, a mission to help members find energy-saving solutions to meet their individual needs. We strive to be your personal expert on ways to make upgrades and changes both affordable and easy. Since 1989, more than 25,000 member initiated conservation projects have been completed. Most of OTEC’s programs are funded through an agreement with Bonneville Power Administration (BPA); however, OTEC continues to offer rebates for several solutions BPA has discontinued or may not recognize. These financial incentive programs and criteria as well as the amount of rebates change regularly.

For more details about programs, and to qualify for one of the many ways to conserve energy, please contact your local OTEC office.

Financial incentive categories


Sprinkler packages, variable frequency drives, cattle fountain freeze resistant water tanks.


Energy Star appliances, mini ductless heat pumps, Energy Star Manufactured homes, low-income weatherization, water heaters, ducted heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, window replacement.


Commercial lighting retrofits, variable frequency drives.


Compressed air, variable frequency drives, HVAC, controls, water and sewer projects for municipalities, and other custom upgrades unique to the business.