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Tariff rules and regulations

Striving to keep your rates low with reliable service.

Your OTEC Board of Directors is consistently working to keep your electric rates low, balancing recovery of the cooperative’s costs with safe, reliable electric service. As a cooperative, members are the owners of the business and elect a Board of Directors to represent the interest of the membership as a whole. One of the board’s primary purposes is to ensure fair and equitable recovery of costs for the service that is provided.

In order to accomplish this important mission, the Board adopted a new tariff (rules, regulations, fees and rates) that will be effective January 1, 2015. The new tariff updates some of our rules and regulations, providing reductions in fees in some areas (through technology cost savings) and increases in other areas (due to the ever increasing cost of doing business). The new tariff also changes OTEC’s practice on disconnecting and reconnecting a meter. Based on your historic usage, the new tariff may affect you and your plans for the following year.